Rebuilding and Restoring

Why does it always seem that some evil befalls this poor blog? Most recently, the entire thing was wiped from the internet through an odd series of events. When we lost the .com domain a couple years ago, the blog still existed and we were able to put it on this domain. This time around, we didn’t get so lucky.

With the help of my wonderful brother, we were able to recover all the text entries, but no photos. All the photos from this blog (which dates back to 2007!) are spread across about 4 hard drives, maybe more. In time, I will recover them all and place them back with their appropriate entries.

Please be patient and check back with us frequently as we rebuild and restore this blog from the ground up. You can become a fan of us on Facebook, where we will be posting progress reports! Like us HERE. We also have a Twitter account you might like to follow, which you can do HERE.

For any newcomers, this blog is dedicated to the exploration of abandoned houses, schools and buildings in Chatham-Kent, Ontario and the surrounding counties.

~ Bandit

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