The Beautiful Brick Farmhouse in Guilds (41 Photos)

The past few days, I’ve been off work and just dying to get out and shoot some photos. I managed to find colour process black and white film and loaded some up in the F5. Of course all my time has been consumed by other things, more important than going out wasting gas and time shooting photos. Things like trying to decide on a counter top for our new kitchen, picking up our refinished 1930’s dinner table, delivering overdue shower gifts and catching up with  an old friend over Indian food. Since I have yet to get any shooting done, I figured I should at least work on posting up some of the existing photos I have waiting.

This brick Victorian house sat along Highway 3, across from the lake in the town of Guilds. I say sat because I haven’t been out that way in so long, I’m honestly not sure if the house is still there or not. It was in near ruins when these photos were taken in May of 2008 so I don’t have high hopes for it today. Also, I’m sure town isn’t the proper descriptor for Guilds. It’s more or less a cluster of houses and a sign. I wasn’t there for this photo adventure, so the accomplice went with a fellow photographer friend and took this lovely series of images.

I remember that the accomplice fell through the second story floor that day, and was damn lucky to catch himself with his elbows somehow and not fall the rest of the way through. I’m sure if he hadn’t managed to stop himself, he would have crashed through the main floor as well and found himself in the basement with some serious injuries. He managed to escape with some nasty scrapes and a small mark on his 50mm Nikkor lens, where it had bashed against the floor. When you view the pictures, you’ll understand why he fell through the floor. The majority of these houses are severely rotted, whether they look it or not. Moisture, insects and sheer age have deteriorated beams and floor boards in ways that can’t always be seen. Walking through them can be a dangerous undertaking.

Enjoy these pictures from 2008, and please leave a comment if you’ve seen this house lately. Is it still there, or did it finally rejoin the earth?


3 Responses to “The Beautiful Brick Farmhouse in Guilds (41 Photos)”

  1. I must say I’m really fond of the yellow door, you don’t see too many yellow doors anymore….

  2. Val and Bob Says:

    Such a shame to see this one torn down we will miss it…
    Val and Bob West. Great to meet you at Archies place on Sunday…

  3. This wonderfull old house i am say to say is was taken down last winter. The house has a great storey behind it …..
    first is starts with the house behind it on the next road called ed’s line, is was the homestead for a family bulit in 1880. (is use and fixed up for modern days. so basically the parents got older and built a new house across from the red brick one demolished at the same time as the brick one. So the one infront of the red brick was for mom and the red one was for one of the brothers and the other one behind on the ed’s line was for the other brothers. the house would have last a long time in my opinion being three layers of brick .
    so the house was taken down because well first the house on ed’s line the son pasted away and had no kids. so that was sold. then the one son left moved in with mom to take care of her and he rent out the red brick house but had a bad renting experiences. so he let the house go. and i met the guy very nice man farm the land beside the red brick house till his late 80’s . so when he pasted away have no kids as his bothers is was given to relatives and they sold the land to locate farms and the demolished the 2 house becasue they gain about 5 acres after take them both down. the red brick one was just knocked into the cellar bricks and all.

    i grew up in the thrid house…..

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